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Testimonials, reviews, and first impressions are just one click away from you. CG-Godrie is the semantic technology company always there to provide its loyal visitors with the latest news in the tech data. Latest technology related data will be in your hand in a matter of seconds. Recently founded but greatly experienced our company is made of creative, dedicated individuals always researching new appearances and expanding our knowledge graph. Founder of our company, Michael Collins had a brainstorming idea which implied gathering the information about latest tech devices and making them available to everyone out there. This approach led to the founding of the firm that keeps all relevant technology data in its library. The team that made this idea come to life is a team of professional, creative and dedicated young people never leaving their tables and always waiting for the changes in the technology world. Ready to describe and compare them to other tech devices and make them available to the broad audience. Professional, well-educated engineers, project and product managers, marketing analysts and experienced publishers are always there to give you insight into the latest tech products and help you decide which product is the most suitable for you and your possibilities.

What we do?

We already partially answered this question in answer to the previous question. However, allowing the access to the relevant data isn’t everything we do, even though it is the most important part of our business. Yes, our company will inform you about everything you want to know about the smart watches, their specifications, comparisons, best buy options and so on. However, how do we accomplish that? The answer to this question is very complicated and important for you to know. We’ve built up a reputation of the most trusted semantic technology company by years of dedication and hard work. If you’re asking yourselves how do we get information about all those products, you need to know that there is, in fact, three main sources of all the data we publish. Public sources and databases, data gathered from the manufacturer of the given product and third party sources such as bloggers and users testimonials and reviews. Public sources are the most common sources of the information we share with you as well as the info we get from the manufacturers; this means everything you read here has already been explained somewhere publicly. However, we give you the option to compare that individual product with similar ones and find out if there’s a better option for you.

Latest Releases


Samsung Gear S3

The year 2016 was very successful for the Samsung Gear S3 smart watches. Samsung released two different models of this watch – Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic. Both models are designed similarly to the previous generation, the only difference between the two is that the Classic model is a little more elegant while Frontier is a casual, everyday watch.




Michael Kors Android Smart Watch

 In case you haven’t already guessed, Michael Kors Smartwatch became really popular. An elegant and sophisticated watch like this deserves to be popular. It is sold in Michael Kors stores, and its glamorous design makes it different from every other existing smart watch.



Asus Zen Watch 3

The third generation of Asus Zen Watches comes in three different colors – gunmetal, silver and rose gold. It includes numerous unique features. However, fitness features such as the possibility of counting steps make it the most attractive to the smartwatch fans.




Apple Watch Series 2

If you’re an Apple enthusiasts, you will be glad to hear that the second generation of Apple Watches arrived on the scene. The main difference between the two generation of Apple watches is the swim-proof feature of Series 2 watches as well as many swim tracking features.

Best Buy

1. Asus Zen Watch 2 Smart Watch


Even though we mentioned Asus Zen Watch 3 as one of the latest released, we will strongly advise you to buy Asus Zen Watch 2. This water resistant watch is guaranteed to work even if you get caught up in the unexpected rain or accidental splashes. The most significant advantage of this watch is its compatibility with both iPhone and Android phones, and you won’t have to worry about this. It includes personal fitness monitor, and it tracks the number of steps you take on a daily level. Rubber band guarantees durability, and it gives your wrist an elegant look.

2.Huawei Stainless Smart Watch


Compatibility with both Apple and Android devices is one of the greatest advantages of this smart watches. It also has a built-in activity tracker that will allow you to keep track of your heart rate and steps were taken, calories burned and so on. Activity tracker will allow you to live a healthier life and its mAh battery guarantees lasting use. Moist won’t be the problem for you if you choose this watch since it is water resistant. The main advantage of this watch, as well as the previous one, is the price. These two watches are suitable for any budget.

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Jenna Robins, a fashion blogger

Jenna Robins, a fashion blogger

CG-Godrie helped me find my dream watch - Michael Kors Smartwatch. I honestly don't know what I would do without it now, just can't take it off and I love it. All the specifications, descriptions, and testimonials turned out to be entirely correct and even modestly written.
Jonathan Goldberg, a fitness coach

Jonathan Goldberg, a fitness coach

Buying a smartwatch wasn't so easy for me, after countless hours of internet research, I still had no idea which smartwatch was the best for me. I wanted to buy the best one possible for a reasonable price, and CG-Godrie took care of it. If I only knew about this site earlier, I wouldn't have to spend so much time thinking.
David Dawson, a student

David Dawson, a student

This company helped me save precious time. I found the perfect watch for me in a matter of minutes, and I have no regrets. I bought Samsung Gear S2 smart watch, and it ended up to be a lot better than I hoped it would be, perfect for my needs.