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Our company offers different services to the clients – data library and comparison possibility, an opportunity to buy smart watches through our site and the most important support services. Contact us if you have any problem with your smart watch or our website and we will be there to help you. Support service is provided by four of ours the most trusted and professional employees, as well as digitally through the support service programs you can use on your own. Whether you need a new battery, repairs, performance optimization or simple how-to explanations, there will always be someone to hear you out.

Protection and Performance

Nathan Wilson, our tech expert, is there to help you with technology protection and performance problems. We provide 24/7 support service so you can choose the right time for you. Nathan will fix your device if it’s broken and teach you how to use your watch. You don’t have to lift a finger, and your problems will be solved. Our technician and its support team will also take the preventive measures against viruses and other possible malware. Also, they will help you with any device, no matter the brand or specifications. Android and Apple watches, as well as the other brands, are covered by our support service.


Kirsten Jameson, our experienced public relations manager is always there to answer your call and give you all the necessary information about products or our website. Service support our manager provides is the perfect choice if you want someone to talk to about our site and our offers. Whether something is confusing to you or you, don’t really know how to use our library you can contact Kirsten, and she’ll help you in a matter of seconds. If you don’t think available data is sufficient for you to chose which device to buy, call Kirsten and she’ll provide you with more information.



Donna Harrison is the technician in charge of the connectivity problems. We realize how connectivity to the Internet or compatibility with other devices is important for people today; that is why connectivity support is the separated entity at our firm. Imagining a day without a Wi-Fi connection is almost impossible, that is why Donna is here to help you 24/7, whenever you need her help. Diagnosing and repairing connectivity problems is just part of our service. We will also identify the root of the problem and eliminate it, and you won’t even have to send your device anywhere.


Peter Lawrence is a technician that will help you set up your new device. Why bother yourself with setting up when you can leave it to the professionals. We all know how much time you can lose trying to get your new device going.  If you don’t know what’s the next step after you’ve taken your new device out of its box, call us, and we will explain everything carefully. If you’re having problems with compatibility of your phone and your watch our technicians will solve them too. Aside from setting up, our experts will give you tips and tricks only professionals know.